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Kunaal Bose




Vasundhara Anand



“Kvaab Welfare Foundation”, is a non profit organisation founded pursuant to sub Section (2) of Section 7 and sub section (1) of Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 with CIN U85320DL2020NPL369276 and Section 8 Licence No. 120414. “Kvaab” is a registered Trademark under Section 23 (2), Rule 56 (1) of the Trademarks Act 1999.

We had a humble start was back in 2016 when we started with doing ground rescues of hit and run & sick dogs, which further led us to fostering. Oh! Woof! And who are we? We are partners who fell in puppy love 13 years back. Vasundhara Anand is the brains and Kunaal Bose is the Hands behind Kvaab, which is a creative agency based in New Delhi, India. We have been working with numerous advertising agencies, PR firms, Publications, Designers and multi national co-operations for creating photos, videos and their marketing communications.

Less about us, back to our woof-full journey. 


Our initial years made us aware of the lack of foster system and the overwhelmed shelter homes for our four legged friends. Hence, we became a foster home to about 110+ babies till date, who were nursed backed to health and are now adopted all across the globe. Now thanks to our partner volunteer groups across the world, our network of help has grown into a loving global family. 


Fostering enriched our experience by working with all possible organisations and individuals in animal welfare. It highlighted a major issue of a biased ill treatment towards senior and indie dogs. Now we have tied up with cooperates/ co-working space to host “Stress Buster sessions” where we introduce people to these gorgeous indie babies and break the stigma around them. This helps us to get them adopted following a thorough house-check. 


Sadly, not all are lucky enough to get adopted. Hence we started feeding our colony and local dogs around our house to ensure their wellbeing and medical needs. However at the end of Mach  2020, a nation wide lockdown was enforced to curb the spread of Covid-19. This was an unprecedented situation, and frankly no one had any idea about how to deal with the situation. Sadly, our furry friends on the streets were the worst hit, as all their food sources and human interactions disappeared, overnight. We remember clearly, about the panic it created in the welfare community where everyone who was taking care of their own small packs of dogs, had no idea how to reach their kids anymore. We started getting some SoS calls from people within NCR region, to reach some kids in South Delhi as we didn’t have to have to cross the sealed city borders. Within a week of taking in these calls, we crossed feeding 350+ dogs living in places like Jahanpanah Forest, JLN Metro Station, Central Delhi, Lodhi Road & Gole Market. With the Lockdown due to the Covid-19 situation, our feeding has increased 10 folds covering the hauntingly empty markets like Panchkuian Furniture Market, Nehru Place Market and Metro Stations like Kalkaji Metro Station etc, everyday at the break of dawn. 


We expected the situations to get better as the lockdown eased out, however that wasn’t the case. There were many feeders who have been able to reach back to their original spots, but we identified so many more spots where the situation was still quite bad. With proper nutrition, medical help and sterilisation drives, we have seen the kids thrive over time. Malnourished and weak puppies born earlier to the harsh conditions of the open streets are now vaccinated, grown up healthy and some even adopted. We have seen through kids scavenging, fighting over aggressively over food, to now come lovingly and wait patiently for their turn of receiving food. The love we have shared across on the streets have come back amplified many many times. For this reason itself we cannot stop what we have started, and hence still feed 250+ kids on a daily basis. On the occasions of us not being able to reach some areas due to medical emergencies, work commitments etc, we have started enabling other people like guards, slum settlement people, sanitation workers etc who can take care of the packs nearby them.


With our limited funds we try and tend to their medical needs as well. Sadly due to the dense population of streets dogs, it’s a never ending cycle of sickness or hit and run cases of these innocent souls. 


The very idea of helping our kiddos, pushed us into the idea of a “No Gifts Policy” for our vegan wedding in 2019, where we firmly urged for just donation for a mass Spay/Neuter drive. We have successfully spayed/neutered and provided anti- rabies vaccination with post-op care for 150+ street kids even before our first anniversary.


Kvaab Welfare Foundation, is still evolving with every puppy lick and heartbreaks. The ones we have lost in the journey just encourage us to do more for the betterment of these gorgeous intelligent beings. These four years won’t have been possible without our donors. Hoping we stay true by them. Till then these puppy licks and wag-y tails are keeping us sane

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